Dalkeith Contemporary Residence 3

When it came time to build his own custom luxury home, Managing Director of JAV Developments, Alex Yap, knew exactly what he wanted.

After years of building custom homes for other people, Alex was ready to build a home for his young family to grow up in.

It was important for the house to be not just aesthetically pleasing but also a functional home for the entire family. A waste disposal chute was included from the pantry to the garage, making house chores easier than ever before. A food lift makes it easy to serve food on all levels of the house while entertaining, while a passenger lift can carry up to 6 people between floors.

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What was unique about this contemporary build?

JAV Developments partnered with MMA Interiors to develop a home that is truly unique, incorporating the latest technology and materials available on the market. Together JAV and MMA were able to combine their expertise whilst ensuring that the project worked seamlessly in respect of the building and interior design works that were happening simultaneously.

What makes this contemporary house distinct?

The natural stone floor and stone cladding on the external feature wall creates a beautiful display of contemporary living.  A clean, architectural design is created by using Alucabond facia, to cover all edges of the concrete slabs. The house is also finished with a C Bus lighting system which allows Alex and his family to control lights and electrical appliances throughout the house.

Why did the client choose a contemporary style?

Alex purchased the 800m2 block of land with the intention of building a three-storey contemporary home that exemplifies his family-oriented lifestyle and showcases the skill and craftsmanship of JAV Developments. The contemporary style ensured that Alex was able to reflect his ambitions on every custom aspect.

What luxury custom features were asked for?

There were certain comfort features that the house needed to have so Alex’s family always felt relaxed and comfortable. Underfloor heating was built into every ensuite in the four bedrooms. A home theatre with 120-inch projector screen was included for family movie nights without needing to leave the house. An underground wine cellar was placed below the stairs – perfect for dinner parties.

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