Our Process

Each home we build is unique and the time taken to build varies depending on the complexity of the design. Although the design and timeline changes from client to client, our process remains the same. We like to break the process down into four easy steps to give the client a clear picture of how their dream home will be become reality

Define Your Home

Our process begins with a conversation. It’s important for us to listen to each client as much as possible so we can clearly envision their ideal home. We like to sit down and find out exactly what it is they’re after. How many bedrooms does the client require? How many bathrooms? Does the custom home need to be designed with Feng Shui in mind? Or perhaps another design style? Whatever it is, there is no request too small or too large that we can’t complete. Once we know how much the client is intending to spend, we can design the home to their specifications in a way that also meets their budget.

Design Your Home

The next step in the bringing the client’s vision to life is creating the initial designs. We meet with the designer and begin planning an architectural design that is tailored to meet the client’s needs. Everything is considered, including natural light, aesthetic choices and building materials. We continue the process of drafting and editing until the client is 100% satisfied with the design of their home. Our approach to the design is meticulous, because getting the design right means that the finished home will be the luxury house our client has always dreamed of. Once our client is completely happy with the final design, they sign off on the drawings and we are ready to move onto the construction stage.

Build Your Home

During the construction process, the client has regular onsite meetings with JAV Developments Managing Director, Alex, and the site supervisor. The client can see their dream house being built, every step of the way. The client deals with one foreman as a personal contact, which allows for easy communication during the construction process. Speaking directly to the foreman regarding any build issues or questions that may arise during the construction makes communication clear and straightforward. We build homes with passion and enthusiasm – as if they were our own – and we understand how significant it is for our client to see their dream home being built. We provide updates for all the important milestones such as the slab going down and the roof going up, so the client never misses out on a photo opportunity. Our clients’ needs are always cared for and prioritised thanks to our foreman having 20 years’ experience in providing a quality and customised approach in dealing with clients.


Maintain Your Home

Once we have handed over the keys to our client, we continue to provide ongoing support for their brand-new luxury home. Our clients trust us to resolve all issues that arise thanks to the strong relationships developed during the building process. We work with the client to ensure they feel comfortable during the maintenance period and we are more than happy to address any issue the client has. We are also glad to continue working with our clients if they require any further developments made to their house in the future. No matter what the request is, our clients feel at ease knowing that the team at JAV offer ongoing continued support for their custom luxury home.


Our Values


To guarantee luxury, our homes are developed with the highest quality materials available on the market today.


JAV Developments is dedicated to designing and building superb custom homes tailored to the needs and wants of each client. The homes we build are recognised by HIA for their excellence.


Alex – JAV Developments Managing Director, grew up wanting to be a builder, just like his father. His passion for building is demonstrated by the marvellous custom homes he develops. JAV are passionate about pushing the boundaries and welcome the customisation requests of their clients, no matter how creative or unique they are.


JAV Developments has spent years developing a reputation as one of the finest luxury home builders in Perth. Integrity and excellence go hand in hand. Integrity is ingrained in approach to the building process, and fostering trustworthy relationships with our clients is the underlying pillar of our success.

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