Contemporary Style Homes

With their clean lines and minimal decorative trim, contemporary style homes exude luxury and elegance. They are often designed with open floor plans inspired by modern styles.

Contemporary style homes are designed around asymmetrical shapes and often have flat roofs to create a clean, sophisticated look. Contemporary refers to the ‘present moment’ and should distance itself from the traditional elements of house design, focusing more on today’s living.

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When it comes to Contemporary style homes, a minimalistic approach is often desired. Clean lines, open-plan spaces, and geometric shapes play a large part in the aesthetic of the house. High ceilings and large windows provide a sophisticated appearance and a feeling of luxurious space.

  • Flat or gabled roof
  • High ceilings
  • Large windows
  • Planes and angles
  • Neutral colours
  • Clean lines
  • Open-plan
  • Floating staircase

Why is it so popular?

Contemporary is a popular style of home because of the clean and luxurious living space that it provides. Contemporary houses use clean architectural lines, shapes and tonal colours that can allow the design to stand alone as a piece of stunning art, without relying on ornaments to provide the interior décor.

The open-plan design of contemporary style homes allows the seamless transition from one area to the next. This creates a warm, vibrant way of living that allows energy to flow fluidly throughout the house.


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Our team at JAV Developments understand the importance of having a trusting relationship with our clients. We build trusting relationships by actively listening to our client’s needs and wants and delivering on their requests. If you’re ready to build your dream Contemporary home on your block and need expert advice, give Alex a call or drop us an email.

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JAV Developments always deliver quality luxury homes for our clients. We guarantee a finished product that will leave you speechless when you see it. We use only the best and most trusted craftsmen, suppliers and designers in Perth to ensure excellence for many, many years to come.

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    Because we never build the same house twice, each build time will be different. Your new luxury home will be given an estimated build time before sign-up. If no changes are made during the building process, this build time will remain fixed.

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    When it comes to quality building, we like to say, “our houses speak for themselves”. But don’t just take our word for it. Sometimes we let others do the talking, such as Housing Industry Association (HIA). We proudly boast the title for the 2017 HIA Perth Housing Award for a Custom-Built Home between $1,200,001 - $1,600,000.

  • Defect Free

    All our custom homes are guaranteed to be completely defect-free at the time of handover. This defect free guarantee continues for an additional 12 months after completion, giving you complete peace of mind. We can be sure that each house is completed to this standard by working closely with the client during every step of the build.

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