Bespoke Home Builders Perth

Bespoke Home Builders Perth

We are a Reliable and Award-Winning Bespoke Home Builder in Perth

Building a home is a significant milestone in our lives. As a bespoke home builder in Perth, we help you turn your vision of the ideal home into a reality. While some people choose a more urban setting with all the amenities of contemporary living, some prefer Hamptons-style homes. Whatever your ideal home may be, there’s no denying that JAV Developments has some absolutely outstanding solutions for you.

We have been creating luxury homes in Perth, WA, for the last 12 years, and we know each one is as unique as the individual for whom it is being built. Every design is unique because we want your finished home to reflect your vision and aesthetic preferences. We were the winners of the 2017 HIA Perth Housing Award for custom-built homes priced between $1,200,001 and $1,600,000. At JAV Developments, we prioritise creating quality over quantity with our small, focused team. We are members of the HIA and Master Builders WA.



Bespoke Home Builders in Perth with Innovative Designs & Style

As a bespoke home builder in Perth, we cater to the needs of people looking for custom-built, luxurious properties with innovative designs, great ambience, and unique architectural styles. We collaborate with our clients to design opulent, one-of-a-kind houses that will astound you. By utilising premium building materials, we are capable of constructing homes that meet the highest standards.

We have developed a unique and personalised method for working with our clients during construction. To guarantee that the building phases go successfully, the clients, our Managing Director, Alex, and the site supervisor routinely gather on-site to discuss the progress. Additionally, we assign a dedicated site foreman to facilitate direct contact with each of our clients. It enables our clients the opportunity to actively participate in building their ideal houses as they would like. There are no surprises during or after construction because communication is always open and honest.


Bespoke Home Builders Perth
Bespoke Home Builders Perth

Benefits Of Choosing JAV Developments As Your High-Quality and Bespoke Home Builder In Perth

You want to feel secure in your decision to select a quality home builder in Perth. JAV Developments has an established track record of producing opulent, high-quality custom homes. Our goal is to provide you with a final product that astonishes you when you see it. To maintain excellence, we pledge to collaborate exclusively with Perth’s most reliable designers, suppliers, and craftspeople.

We guarantee that each custom home will be free of flaws when it is handed over to you. This defect-free guarantee will be in force for 12 months following completion, giving you peace of mind. We also promise to finish the project on schedule if no adjustments are made while it is being built. While the calibre of the homes we construct speaks for itself, we also take pride in being the winner of the 2017 HIA Perth Housing Award.

Our bespoke home builders have taken the process of building luxury custom homes to another level.

Award Winner

2017 HIA Perth Housing Award

Custom Built Home $1,200,001 - $1,600,000 Floreat

Our Guarantee

JAV Developments always deliver quality luxury homes for our clients. We guarantee a finished product that will leave you speechless when you see it. We use only the best and most trusted craftsmen, suppliers and designers in Perth to ensure excellence for many, many years to come.

  • Build Time

    Because we never build the same house twice, each build time will be different. Your new luxury home will be given an estimated build time before sign-up. If no changes are made during the building process, this build time will remain fixed.

  • Award Winning Quality

    When it comes to quality building, we like to say, “our houses speak for themselves”. But don’t just take our word for it. Sometimes we let others do the talking, such as Housing Industry Association (HIA). We proudly boast the title for the 2017 HIA Perth Housing Award for a Custom-Built Home between $1,200,001 - $1,600,000.

  • Defect Free

    All our custom homes are guaranteed to be completely defect-free at the time of handover. This defect free guarantee continues for an additional 12 months after completion, giving you complete peace of mind. We can be sure that each house is completed to this standard by working closely with the client during every step of the build.

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