Churchlands Residence

The luxurious Churchlands Residence is located in the new Churchland Green estate.

The three storey home sits opposite the local primary school – perfect for a family with two young children. The parents love the convenience of walking their children to and from school each day.

Living close to the primary school was very important for the family, but a narrow block meant they needed to find a way to maximise the use of their 300m2 block which had a narrow frontage of 10m.

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What was unique about this contemporary build?

Every aspect of the home was carefully and personally designed to create a stylish, spacious, family environment. From the oven to the basin, tapware, tiles and stone benchtops – the family wanted their home to have a modern, clean appearance.

The house carefully reflects the family’s way of living. Our client told us that they like to take their shoes off inside the house and walk around barefoot, but they don’t like the feeling of a cold floor. To solve this problem, JAV Developments installed underfloor heating for the entire ground floor.

What makes this contemporary house distinct?

The end result of this modern luxury home build is a 473m2 undercover area complete with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 WC, a home theatre, gym and a large living room to suit the family’s lifestyle.

Why did the client choose a contemporary design?

Our client has always been drawn to modern, contemporary houses with clean lines. The only problem the client encountered was trying to find a house design that met their exacting requirements. Living close to the primary school was very important for the family and keeping to the style of the surrounding area.

What luxury custom features were requested?

Double glazing was also included on all windows and doors to trap the heat in winter and cool the house in summer. Premium double-glazing aluminium joinery was imported from Germany. Knowing it would take four months for this high-end imported product to arrive, we made sure to order it as soon as the window and door openings were formed. The arrival was timed perfectly so the glass could be installed after the internal and external plastering was completed to all three levels of the house.

An elegant floating staircase was manufactured in Perth and installed by JAV Developments. With a double laminated glass balustrade and no handrails, the floating staircase creates a clean, open and contemporary feel in the house.

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