There is no mistaking that your foyer has the important job of making a good first impression. When a visitor enters your home for the first time, you want them to experience the ‘wow factor’. If you can achieve that, you can add tens of thousands to the value of the house. A beautiful foyer sets the tone for the rest of the property and even makes coming home each day that little bit sweeter for the owners.

Foyer Designs

The planning and design stage is important for getting the right balance in your foyer. If you can get the correct amount of space and layout, you are on your way to achieving a perfect foyer.


Luxury foyer with floating staircase

In many two and three storey homes, the staircase forms part of the foyer. The stairs should be both functional and a feature of the house. In this stunning Dalkeith residence built by JAV Developments, the visitor is greeted by a large foyer with a floating staircase made of timber and glass. The open tread makes it possible to see through the stairs into the heart of the home.

Foyer Width

The width of the foyer is often debated during the planning stage. You want the foyer to feel spacious and grand but not take away space from the living areas. But, if you have the space available, don’t be afraid to make the foyer oversized. When you are greeting several people at once, you need the room. The spacious feel will add to the home’s grandness; you won’t regret it.

High Ceilings

Leaving a void over the foyer in double storey homes provides plenty of headroom and an airy feel. In this home, they have placed a high bulkhead over the doorway but made sure the natural light from the window above could travel through.

Entrance Foyer Ideas

Once you have settled on the dimensions of the foyer, you can start thinking about how you will decorate it. Rather than fighting for your visitors’ attention, choose one item that will be the star then add a few smaller things to compliment it. You may decide to make the main focal point a piece of artwork that reflects your personality, a grand chandelier or a piece of beautiful furniture.


If you intend to include a hall table or chair, make sure you allow for the width of the furniture in your design. Even if space is tight a slimline hall table gives you a surface to add some decorative items and the practicality of somewhere to drop the keys when you come through the door. If you prefer built-in furniture, an alcove can be incorporated in the design.

That way your storage or furniture doesn’t take up valuable floor space of your foyer and isn’t a trip hazard. The generous recess in the photo allows for cupboards that are an ideal depth and width for storing everything from kids’ games, hats and bags.


Grand staircase leading to foyer with chandeliers

A luxurious foyer can only be enhanced with the addition of beautiful lighting. A high ceiling provides enough space for a large chandelier or multiple pendants in the foyer. In JAV Development’s Churchlands residence, the three light fittings compliment the Hamptons style of home and help draw the eye up the grand staircase to the second storey.


A stunning piece of artwork whether it be an oil painting, a print or sculpture can give the foyer the feature it needs. Even just making the artwork oversized can be enough to ensure you have gained attention. You can either choose one large piece of artwork like this home or if you have a long skinny hallway, decorate it with several photos or prints using the same frame design for uniformity.

Floor Coverings

For both practicality and looks, most people prefer hard floors in the entrance. Timber or tiles are easy to keep clean and looking good when people are coming and going through the front door every day. A floor rug, however, helps define the space and adds a warm and inviting feel to the home.

Here the hall rug provides some subtle colour. The walls, lighting and architraves are painted white, and the furniture is clear Perspex to keep the focus on the beautiful stained glass windows that surround the front door.


A mirror is a popular inclusion in many foyers. They are great for making the area look bigger and help to bounce around the light. The glass panel next to the front door provides plenty of natural light which the mirror reflects around the entry.

If you want a stunning foyer included in your new home design, call Alex from JAV Developments on (08) 9381 4174 or contact us.