A beautiful well-designed pool can add the wow factor to any property. You want your pool to look like it was designed in conjunction with the home and not an afterthought. Whether you are looking for understated beauty or over the top opulence, an expert pool designer can meet your brief.

So, what are the most important things to consider when thinking about including a pool in your new luxury house build?

Benefits of Adding a Pool

Everyone has different reasons for including a pool on their property, but some of the main ones include:

  • Resale value – in some areas of Perth buyers expect a pool
  • Feature of the home – less artwork is needed when you look out to a beautiful pool
  • Great memory maker – years of splashing fun for the kids and grandkids
  • Exercise – no need for a gym membership when you can swim in your backyard
  • Relief from the heat – cool off without the need to run the air conditioner 24/7

Planning your Pool

Getting it right on paper will ensure you end up with the perfect pool. The planning process can take longer than construction to make sure every detail is just right before the earth is turned.

We’ll ask you what type of pool you want – above or below ground, any materials you prefer, size and your budget then we will come back to you with our recommendations. Based on our years of experience, we will advise you how we’ll incorporate the pool, so it’s a feature of the home with the best placement, shape and size to suit your family’s requirements.

Once the planning process is completed, we will look after all of the building approval and permit paperwork so you don’t have to.

The Best Time to Construct or Install a Pool?

It’s much easier to include a pool while a house is being constructed rather than years later. The pool can be incorporated in the house design and you can ensure the backyard is big enough to fit the pool and surrounds. You will also save money because some of the trades for the house can complete the pool works.

Access to the backyard is much easier when there is no house and boundary fences to squeeze between. A pool on an existing house has the extra consideration of where the sewer, water and power services run. Also, a pool may not be built as close to a house or retaining wall as it can during a new build. But of course, there are workarounds for retrofitting a pool on an existing property.

Benefits of Using Pool Design Experts

Don’t leave your pool build to anyone. It’s difficult and expensive to change a pool once it’s constructed so you end up having to live with your poorly-planned pool. You don’t want to find yourself wishing the pool was in a better location or a different shape or size.

Here are some of the reasons why customers have used JAV Developments to construct their pool:

  • Our years of planning and building experience
  • Custom pools add interest and value to home
  • Well-designed to maximise the available space
  • Advice on how to lengthen your swimming season
  • Designed to match your family’s needs
  • Compliment the home and make the pool a feature from the interior
  • Design and materials that won’t date quickly
  • We handle all the paperwork
  • Advice on your pool’s heating, cleaning and maintenance

At JAV Developments we build pools in every shape and size to add a unique touch to your property.

We know the right questions to ask to plan a pool that is a feature of your home and functional for your family’s swimming requirements. If you want a perfectly designed pool, speak to the pool design experts at JAV Developments on (08) 9381 4174.